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Ratings [New Found Glory]
Top 3 Lyrics

1. Ending in Tragedy
2. Who Am I
3. Your Biggest Mistake
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Albums [New Found Glory]

New Found Glory

Album: Catalyst
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Who Am I
Your Biggest Mistake
All Along, We Follow Blindly,  (1 comments)
All Downhill from Here
Ending in Tragedy
Failure's Not Flattering  (1 comments)
At Least I'm Known for Something
This Disaster
Truth of My Youth  (1 comments)
Constant Static
Doubt Full  (1 comments)
I Don't Wanna Know  (1 comments)
Over The Head, Below The Knees  (1 comments)
Intro  (1 comments)
I'd Kill To Fall Asleep
No News Is Good News
Radio Adelaide
Who I Am
(hiddentrack)  (2 comments)
[Hidden Track #1]
[Hidden Track #2]
Album: From The Screen To Your Stereo
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(Everything I Do) I Do It For You
I Don't Want To Miss A Thing
My Heart Will Go On
Never Ending Story  (1 comments)
That Thing You Do  (2 comments)
The Glory Of Love
The Goonies R Good Enough  (1 comments)
Album: It's All About The Girls
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My Solution  (1 comments)
Scraped Knees  (1 comments)
Standstill  (1 comments)
Album: New Found Glory
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Ballad For The Lost Romantics
Better Off Dead
Black And Blue
Boy Crazy  (1 comments)
So Many Ways
Vegas  (1 comments)
All About Her  (1 comments)
Dressed To Kill
Second To Last  (1 comments)
Sincerely Me
Hit Or Miss
Album: Nothing Gold Can Stay
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3rd And Long
Broken Sound  (1 comments)
Tell Tale Heart
Hit Or Miss
It Never Snows In Florida  (2 comments)
Never Sometimes
Passing Time  (1 comments)
That Winter Of 95'  (2 comments)
The Blue Stare
The Goodbye Song
You've Got A Friend In Pennsylvania
2's + 3's
Album: Sticks And Stones
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Belated  (1 comments)
It's Been A Summer
My Friends Over You
Singled Out
Something I Call Personality
Forget Everything
Forget My Name  (1 comments)
Head On Collision
Never Give Up  (1 comments)
The Great Houdini
The Story So Far  (1 comments)
Understatement  (1 comments)
The Toothpick Song [Secret Track]  (1 comments)
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Come Back Bon Jovi  (1 comments)
I Love Rock N' Roll  (2 comments)
The Minute I Met You  (1 comments)
Album: Other Songs
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Congratulations Smack & Katy
Faithfully  (1 comments)
For The World
Son Of A Gun  (1 comments)
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