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Lyric [Backtafunk]

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Album: E S P
You're gonna fix my heart
You're gonna free my soul
Not many learn what
The two of us can do
Or what we do it for
Sign my name
I'm gonna join your club
You give me love and there's
Two of us to feel
Just say the word
And I'm giving my love to you

You got me backtafunk
And I'm still turning
Got me backtafunk
And I'm still turning
I can't explain, no alibi
The rhythm got me paralyzed
You got me

You call it deja vu
Of being there before
So many lose what
The few of us can find
And never mention
You're gonna break my will
You're gonna take me down
So many pay
When the two of us can steal
So give what I want
And I could be a king for you

You got me
And I'm still turning
Got me backtafunk
And I'm still turning
You got me backtafunk
I was so disorganized
Rhythm cut me down to size
You got me

Help me I'm in trouble deep
High as I can go
It's no crime
There may be love on the street
And I'm bad enough
You got me drowning in my sleep
But I will find you when I wake
And it's time
You got me backtafunk

Backtafunk to back
Backtafunk to back
Backtafunk to back
Oh, oh I'm still turning
Oh, oh I'm still burning
Oh, oh I'm still learning
(Repeat through fade)
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