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ADkXBHxBnpdijHcZ (The Muffs)
FIbPSzVZwfisbQaW (Red Hot Chili Peppers)
WAZyiUgsvTEGwLZkk (Icp (insane Clown Posse))
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Глупая Яреська (Cream)
ISO Certificate Consultancy (Dashboard Confessional)
Сдаю комнату в... (Dashboard Confessional)
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UoBogwpSKoQfmKiULf (The Corrs)
AlXmRPuYJYqGT (Impellitteri)
AzjZTMftQGaSyMnpHsz (Pogues)
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1.Cradle of Filth
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6.Marilyn Manson
9.Nine Inch Nails
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13.Punjabi MC
15.Red Hot Chili Peppers
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17.Police, The
18.Dead Kennedys
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1.****o Slut (Exploited)
2.All I Wanted To Say (Seal) (7 Seconds)
4.oh, kermie sounds (muppet mix) ()
5.A man called ne-yo ()
6.No Light (3rd Strike)
7.All Mixed Up (311)
8.Fat Chance (311)
9.The Kill (30 Seconds to Mars)
10.A Beautiful Lie (30 Seconds to Mars)
Latest User's TOP 5 Charts
by ash
1. Enjoy The Silence (Depeche Mode)
2. Listen (Collective Soul)
3. Long Day (Matchbox Twenty)
4. Being Your Walls (Armor For Sleep)
5. Blurry (Puddle Of Mudd)
by a
1. Such Great Heights (The Postal Service)
2. Stare At The Sun (Thrice)
3. The Melting Point Of Wax (Thrice)
4. All That's Left (Thrice)
5. A Place for My Head (Linkin Park)
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